Talcott Notch Literary will be closing to unsolicited queries and submissions for the summer, effective 5pm Eastern Friday, May 20, 2016. This does not affect queries and projects already in submission, and the agents will continue to request select works from authors they meet at conferences and pitch slams, writing workshops, Writer’s Digest bootcamps and through client referrals. We appreciate the many talented writers who think of us with their works, but for the immediate future, we’ll only be considering work we’ve personally requested. Queries received after the deadline will receive a form note in response and will not be considered
With a wealth of wonderful material from clients to help develop over the coming months, a blossoming list of upcoming releases to manage, and a number of promising projects in submission, the agents have a busy summer season to look forward to! If you happen to be attending one of the conferences we’ll be at, participating in a Twitter pitch we’re watching, going to a pitch slam we’re appearing at, or doing one of our writing boot camps, we look forward to meeting you and discussing your work with you in person!

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